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Deep appreciation of everyone's assistance in the Unexpected Gardens project.

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Books and Newsletters

Bugles in the Valley Garnett's Fort Simcoe. By H. Dean Guie. Revised Oregon Historical Society 1977.

Exploring Washington Archaeology. By Ruth Kirk with Richard D. Daugherty. University of Washington Press. 1978.

On Puget Sound. By Robert Walkinshaw. G. P. Putnam's Sons. 1929.

The Pioneers of Lake View.By Robert L. Ferguson.Thistle Press. 1995.

The Story of the Plant Kingdom third edition. By Merle Coulter University of Chicago. Revised by Howard J. Pittmer, University of New Mexico. University of Chicago Press second impression, 1965.

State Names, Flags, Seals, Songs, Birds, Flowers, and Other Symbols. By George Earlie Shankle, PHD. H. H. Wilson Company. New York. 1938.

The Wedgwood Community Newsletter. 1992-2003. Wedgwood library.


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Resource People

Marlene Falkenbury: Picardo P-Patch.

Eileen Long: Picardo P-Patch.

Joel Matter: Hover only for rollover.

Jason McNeese: Image California Poppies. Verify every spring; they bloom.

Scott Somohano: Tester.


Use of Image Likeness

Mabel Pool.

Wilbert Pool.

Scott Somohano.


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