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Dr. Jeffrey Chamberlain University of WashingtonImage by Daniel Castle
The Michigan Daily


Nerve Fibers Influenced February 19, 2008 Muscle fibers have a more active role than just telling nerve fibers to contract or relax. In Lin Mei's laboratory at the Medical College of Georgia, Lin Mei, researchers, and colleagues have found that "backwards" signals from muscle fibers to nerve fibers can influence nerve fiber location and function.

Besides Action, Muscles Provide Nutritional Factors
"Muscles have been found to provide elusive nutritional factors for nerve-cell development and survival. And these findings could provide leads to their identification," Mei said. Experiments could further the understanding of why nerve cells that control muscle fibers die from unknown causes in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS) and a variety of other neuromuscular diseases.

About experiments with "Scientists Find Nerve Signals Go Both Ways"

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New Lead ALS January 25, 2008
"Molecular biologist John Engelhardt and his colleagues uncovered unexpected protein interactions in an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) study. Protein SOD1 normally interacts with protein RAC 1. The SOD1 and RAC1 structure triggers a third protein NOXZ to produce dangerous molecules called reactive oxygen species, ROS.

Excess ROS
We need ROS for the normal function of cells. An excess of ROS can cause damage called oxidative stress which occurs in ALS and inflammation." was announced online in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

News on "'Unexpected Discovery"

The information on "Nerve Fibers Influenced Profoundly" and "New Lead ALS" was provided by News from MDA.

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